How to Configure the SCL in Exchange

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Recently I was asked what the proper Spam Confidence Level (SCL) should be for an Exchange 2007 installation. The answer is the ever-popular, "it depends."

The SCL is a value that Exchange assigns to each incoming SMTP email and is based on Microsoft's SmartScreen technology. This score determines how likely Exchange thinks an email message is spam. A rating of 0 means the message is not likely spam and a rating of 9 means the message is most likely spam.

SmartScreen is a "black hole" technology -- meaning that the algorithms and heuristics it uses for scoring is not published by Microsoft, thereby making it more difficult for spammers to create messages that can score lower and pass the filter. The Exchange server downloads new heuristics from Microsoft periodically.

Exchange 2003 SP2 introduced the Internet Message Filter (IMF) to score emails with an SCL rating. Exchange 2007 uses Content Filtering on the Anti-spam tab of the Edge Transport server to score emails (as shown below). It can also be enabled on a Hub Transport server if Edge Transport servers are not used. See How to Enable Anti-Spam Functionality on a Hub Transport Server.

Selecting the right SCL filter level is not an exact science. You're trying to filter obvious spam without accidentally filtering legitimate messages. You can use the following method to determine the starting point for your filter.

Using Perfmon to Select the SCL Filter Level
The best way to determine the appropriate SCL filter level is to use perfmon and examine the MSExchange Content Filter Agent object. Over time, the "Messages with SCL x" counters will increment and begin to show a trend.

In the example below, the Messages with SCL 0 through 7 counters are in the lower half of the scale. Messages with SCL 8 is off the charts at 270 -- more than all the lower SCL levels combined. From this data we can infer that it is safe to filter messages with an SCL higher than 7.

Note that these counters reset to zero upon restart of the server. It may take a little while before the trend appears.

Keep in mind that this is only the filter to begin with. You may have to adjust your filter up or down for your specific environment, but this will give you an excellent starting point.

SmartScreen filtering is just one of the anti-spam solutions available for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. Other solutions include Sender ID Framework, Outlook Junk E-Mail Filter, and Microsoft Exchange Hosted Filtering. See the Microsoft AntiSpam Technologies website for more details.


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  2. Please explain to me how to use PERFMON for this need, I can find nothing on the googlesphere to explain were to find this in perfmon or how to set it up!

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