Apple Customer Service #FAIL

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Argh!  It's not often I have such a bad customer service experience, but here's an example of how NOT to do things.

I decided to pre-order the Apple iPhone 5 today and had some questions about swapping SIMs, so I called 1-800-MY-APPLE.  The lady I talked to was nice enough, answered my questions, and offered to take my order.  I gave her all the information and confirmed with her that the iPhone 5 would be delivered September 21st, but when I got the confirmation email it said it will be delivered October 10 - October 16.

I called back to confirm and was told I can change the order online to pick up in an Apple store on September 21st.  The guy sent me an email with a link to change my delivery, but after following the links on the order page, it told me I cannot change my shipping type and I must call 1-800-MY-APPLE.

Call #3.  This guy tells me that they cannot change the order to store pickup because and the retail stores are different.  He needs to cancel the order and transfer me to the retail store order line, which he does.  The retail order lady asks, "Why do they keep doing this? You can't order it for pickup at a store.  You'll need to re-order it again from 1-800-MY-APPLE.  Sorry I can't transfer you back."

Call #4. The automated router sends me to Technical Support instead of Orders.  Apparently, those words sound alike.  I tell this guy I need to talk to someone about un-canceling an order.  No can do, but he’ll be happy to place another order for me.  I give all my information again (don’t they already have that from the first order?!?).  I wait for my confirmation email, but nothing comes.  Thankfully, I got the web order number from him.

I look up my order on using my web order number, but I get an error saying, “The signed in account does not have access to this order.”


Call #5. I find out that email address, phone number, and spelling are all wrong on the order.  I got that fixed (after repeating myself a dozen times) and asked to have the confirmation emailed to me.  Sure enough, it shows again that it will be delivered October 10 - October 16.  I tell her that I was first told it would be delivered September 21st and I want to talk to a manager.  I was on hold through three complete songs (Chemical Brothers, “Call Me Maybe” and, I kid you not, “Crazy” by Patsy Cline) before she apologized for the wait and would transfer me to a manager.  What I got was an automated attendant that asked for the extension I was trying to reach.

At this point I’m so frustrated I’m going to cancel my order, but I just can’t put myself through another phone call with these people to do it right now. 

Now I know why people stand in long lines at the retail stores.


  1. Pre-order online, then ask questions later. You can always return it within the first 14 days at no penalty anyways.

  2. Windows Phone perhaps... ;)

  3. That is crazy Jeff. I hope the phone is worth it to you. I did hear that even though the dates are projected to be longer they are committed to shipping on time. 9/21 is Friday though so I hope you get it then.


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