Beware the iPhone

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The iPhone is a (very) expensive consumer device that has no place in the corporate environment. It has no security, cannot connect to enterprise email systems except using unsecured protocols (IMAP), and opens the company up to potential (extremely likely) copyright concerns.

Most companies should have a corporate "Just say no" policy for the iPhone in place by now. That way when the CEO drops his new iPhone on the administrator's desk and says, "Make it work with my email", they'll have a response ready.

On a side note, surveys have shown that people are really interested in three things about cell phones: Service quality (they want to be able to place or answer a call, not be dropped and be heard clearly), battery life, and ease of use (not having to use arcane menuing systems). Everything else is just gravy. When you add email to the mix, people want to be able to easily send and receive emails (tiny keypads and menuing systems inhibit this) and to a smaller degree expect fast delivery.

It seems that cell phone companies are busily trying to create "the next big thing" by adding the last big thing to their already crowded and confusing devices. Most people don't use 1/4 of the features on the phones they already have.

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