How to Access Public Folders in OWA 2007

Thursday, September 6, 2007
Public Folders are not available in the RTM release of Exchange 2007 OWA, so I created a work-around:
  • Log into E2K7 OWA as usual
  • Right-click your name in the folder list and select "Create new folder"
  • Name the new folder "Public Folders"
  • Compose a new email to yourself with https://yourOWAserverURL/public in the body of the message and send it
  • Move the new email to the Public Folders folder you created

To access Public Folders, open the Public Folders folder and click the link. Public Folders will open in a new window or tab in Internet Explorer.

Look for REAL Public Folder access to arrive with Exchange Server 2007 SP1.


  1. how to limit the access to public folder in OWA 2007?

  2. You can prevent access to Public Folders using permissions on the folders or by using OWA segmentation.



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