Pre-Conference Session with Marcus Murray

Monday, June 9, 2008
Monday I attended the pre-con session, "Step-By-Step Guide to Hack-Proofing Your Microsoft Network" by Marcus Murray. Marcus is a security rock star! Very funny and engaging.

Last year he scared the hell out of me when he demonstrated how easy it is to compromise a system and domain. Since then, I've unplugged the network cables from all my servers as a security precaution, but I'm sure that would only slow him down a little.

The session was very good, but it was a little slower paced than I was expecting and hoping for. The basic security concept is "you can't fix stupid." If the users have elevated rights (by that, I mean running with more permissions than they need to have to do their work) it's very easy to compromise their machine and use it as a springboard to the rest of the network.

The takeaway is this: You must kill your users. Kill zem all.

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