TechEd Jam Sessions

Wednesday, June 11, 2008
Last night was the TechEd Jam sessions. Only one night this year - dangit! It was a mess of fun with some very talented people on stage. So far this has been the best party I've been to.

Tonight's a big night with four different parties all happening at the same time. That's one of the problems about shortening the TechEd event - everyone wants to have a party, but they all have to compete for the same evenings. I heard from a sponsor last night that it's very expensive to have events (and booths) at TechEd, so they can only afford one week (Dev or ITPro). That sucks, because there are a lot of companies that straddle the line between those two types of professionals. Book publishers, for example.

This partying till 1AM and getting up at 7am to make my first session is getting harder every year...

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