How to Install Windows 7 from a USB Stick

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Helmer Zandbergen is a Dutch IT pro who wrote an excellent article that explains how to how to install Windows 7 from a USB stick in 11 easy steps.

All you need is a PC with USB boot-support (any modern PC), Windows 7 installation files, and a USB stick with at least 4 GB free space.

I used this method to install Win7 on my new Asus Eee PC 1000HE netbook and it works great!

  • Plug in your USB stick
  • Open Command Prompt with admin rights (Start –> enter cmd –> press CTRL-SHIFT+ENTER and click Yes at the UAC prompt)
  • Run Diskpart by typing diskpart and press enter
  • Now type List disk (and press enter). My USB stick is Disk 2.
  • Enter the following commands, where I assume that your USB stick is also Disk 2. If your USB stick is Disk 5, just use Disk 5 instead of my Disk 2! Enter the following commands one by one, each followed by Enter:

Select Disk 2


Create Partition Primary

Select Partition 1


Format FS=FAT32 (depending on the size of your USB stick this can take a moment)



  • Now copy the entire content of your Windows 7 DVD (or Windows 7 source folder, if you extracted the ISO) to the root of your USB stick.
  • Now we still have to make the USB stick bootable. Note: If you are currently running a 64-bit OS and the source (on the USB stick) is 32-bit, you can’t run the following command. Just be sure the source (on the USB stick) and the currently running OS are of the same type!
  • In the Command Prompt (which you didn’t close, I hope) type P: (the drive letter of your USB stick) followed by Enter
  • Type CD\Boot followed by Enter
  • To create a bootsector on the USB stick enter Bootsect /NT60 P: (your USB drive letter) followed by Enter.
  • Reboot your PC and change the boot order (in the BIOS) if needed, so the USB stick is first in the boot order.


  1. Even though the steps have around the net for quite some time, it's just article that saved my day :รพ

    Thanks for tips mate!


  2. thanks for this clear guide, I have a stick with Win7 64bit & 32bit for my atom based systems (no dvd-drive)

  3. boot sector is not needed...

  4. Diskpart doesn't see any of my USB-drives; only my internal harddrives. Any idea how to work around this?

  5. my usb is not shown..what to do????


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