TechEd 2009: Day Three

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Today turned out to be Exchange day, where most all of my sessions were around Exchange 2010. I gotta tell you, Exchange 2010 is really, really impressive. All the Exchange sessions this year are packed with attendees and I think Exchange 2010 is going to be the big take-away from TechEd this year.

I organized an Exchange Roundtable tonight for anyone who wanted to talk about Exchange, share their challenges, and bounce ideas around. We met at the Yard House bar just across from the LACC venue. I also invited Scott Schnoll from the Exchange Team to drop by.

I was surprised when Scott showed up with the entire Exchange product group here at TechEd, along with Paul Bowden, Product Release Manager for Exchange Server. We ended up having about 30 people. I had a fascinating conversation with Paul about how Microsoft uses Exchange 2010 in their production datacenter. Very impressive. There were other lively conversations and mass quantities of beer was consumed.

In the end, Paul picked up the check for everyone. It turned out we had an Exchange Server party this year after all. Thank you very much, Paul and the Exchange 2010 Team!


  1. If I had known about the Exchange Roundtable I would have come by. I met Scott and Paul at the TLC earlier that day and I enjoyed Scott's session. I think they are both great guys.

  2. Anonymous, I posted that I was going to do this Exchange Roundtable on TechEd Connect, in the Exchange Gods group. We had a really good time and I learned a lot about the history of Exchange and the way Microsoft implements it from Paul Bowden and the team.

    I plan to do this again next year in New Orleans. Hope to see you there!


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