Welcome from Cairo!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm visiting Cairo as a judge for the Imagine Cup 2009 competition. We arrived on June 30 and entered the blast furnace that is Cairo. It's a dry heat, as opposed to Florida, so even though it may be 104F it's tolerable (don't ask my wife or kids, though).

The first two days we spent touring Cairo with a guide. Day one we took a city tour and visited the Egyptian Museum, Coptic Cairo, the Citadel, and the Kahn El Kalili bazaar. Day two we visited Giza to view the pyramids. Both days were amazing!

Today, I started to prep for the Imagine Cup IT Challenge. I met the two captains, Rand Morimoto and Chris Amaris, in the IT Challenge room. Rand is the owner of CCO (the company I work for) and Chris is the CTO. Val├┐ Greavu is the other judge from Romania and is arriving tonight. The four of us will be administering and judging the 24 hour competition. 5 hours of judging happens after the 24 hour competition, so the competitors and judges will have been up for 29 hours.

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