Joining the Dark Side

Monday, October 5, 2009
So, I finally joined the dark side by getting an Apple iPhone 3GS and.... I absolutely love it.  It's nothing short of awesome.

Now that the iPhone support most of the features of ActiveSync for Exchange 2007/2010, I can say it's almost enterprise ready.  I say "almost" because it still requires iTunes and it doesn't support all the ActiveSync policy features.

Even so, for me, it's a truly fabulous device that I can use as my phone, email device, music player and more.  Oh, so much more.  I love all the apps!

And best of all, it just plain works.  No more tinkering in the Windows Mobile registry, trying new ROMS, etc. just to try to get it to work the way I want.  The iPhone works -- right out of the box.

I highly recommend it.


  1. I wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog.... I read and absorb (as much as I can anyway).

    As for the iPhone... I had the 3G for a year and gave it to my wife and upgraded to the 3Gs. So much faster. Oh the price we pay for early adoption!

    Both devices are connected to my SBS 2008 Server and just love it.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. Great blog!
    If you like, come back and visit mine:

    Pablo from Argentina

  3. I must be the only one in the MS Universe who uses tasks....

    It is my hurdle from making the jump. And NO...I will not buy an app that MIGHT work for something that should be in the box!

    As always...good stuff, my friend!

  4. Jeff, really...the dark side? Didn't you get a WHITE iPhone?

    Good purchase, my friend. Now we just need to get you an iMac. ;^)


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