Change is Good

Sunday, January 31, 2010
Very soon I plan to make some changes to the EXPTA {blog} (hopefully for the better). 

I'll be moving this blog from my own hosted server to "the cloud," hosted by Google, to increase response time.  I'll also make some rather dramatic changes to the blog's layout.

I started this blog primarily for myself, as a form of "long term memory."  I come across so many gotchas and things that are good to know in my line of work that I sometimes can't remember all the details.  It helps to document them and keep them in a place where I can access them anywhere anytime.  As time went on, I found that a lot of other IT pros were looking for the same information I was.  So rather than just jot down little notes to myself, I decided to fully document my findings here to help others.  At the time of this writing, I've had over 400,000 visitors (thanks, Mom!), so I seem to be doing something right.

Since I started this blog in April 2007, screen resolutions have changed and widescreen displays are more prevelant.  To that end, I've been tweaking a fluid template that automatically adjusts to your screen resolution.  Hopefully, you'll find this layout easier to read than the single thin column of the current blog layout.  Look for it in the next day or so.


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