What's on Your iPhone?

Friday, January 22, 2010
I love my iPhone.  It's the most productive, time wasting, fun device I've ever had.  As more of my friends and collegues have also gotten iPhones, I'm frequently asked what apps I use.  Here's what's on my iPhone today.  All are free, unless I noted it. The notable ones are:

Screen 1: (Info Apps)
• Google – Mobile Google with voice searching and other goodies
• Bing – Same as Mobile Google, but has better picture searching
• Dragon Search – A voice searching app
• Newsy – Great little “top stories” news app
• SF News – Local news
• AP Mobile – Associated Press
• White House – Great app with lots of good info
• Stitcher – An audio new aggregator. Listen to radio shows and NPR broadcasts
• BargainBin – Lists free and reduced priced apps

Screen 2: (Utilities)
• Shazam – “Listens” to any song playing on the radio and tells you who it is
• PS Mobile – PaintShop Mobile, let’s you alter your photos
• Pandora – Internet Radio
• Dragon Dictation – Awesome voice to text app. Dictate emails to your iPhone!
• Wikihood – Tells you interesting things about your current location
• Mark the Spot – Let AT&T know about problem areas where you don’t have good signal
• iBART – Great Bay Area Rapid Transit app

Screen 3: (Shopping)
• Shop Nearby – Uses thefind.com to find anything from nearby stores or online
• CraigsPro – Pretty good craigslist app
• RedLaser – $1.99 (paid for itself over and over). Scan barcodes on items and it will show you the lowest price for it online
• Cheap Gas! – Shows you gas stations nearby and their prices. Includes augmented reality.
• KAYAK – Travel search engine
• WootWatch – Woot!

Screen 4: (Things to Do)
• Yelp – Great app that tells you all sorts of info about what’s around you. Includes augmented reality.
• AroundMe – A lot like Yelp. I think I like this one better.
• OpenTable – Make restaurant reservations
• Flixter – Great app for looking up movies nearby
• PhoneFlicks – Netflix queue management
• Concerts – Tells you about local concerts. Also alerts you when one of the artists on your iPhone is playing nearby.
• EventsFinder – Find local events, fairs, etc.
• Broadcaster – Stream video from your iPhone to a free website
• Planets – Astronomy app
• Bump – Share contacts with other iPhone users running Bump by “bumping” your iPhones together
• TripCase and Worldmate – Travel management apps. Keeps track of flights, hotels, rental cars, etc.

Screen 5: (Games, Fun)
• 3D Aqua Lite – Virtual fishtank
• Zippo Lighter – Great for concerts!
• Lightsaber – Fun!
• Physics Free – Fun physics game
• Unblock Free – Challenging game
• Jungle Crash – Airplane game
• TriDefense – $1.99. Strategy game
• WildWest – Pinball game
• R.Racing GTI – Racing game. Absolutely awesome graphics
• iPirate - $1.99 (free version, too). Shoot ships with your canons.
• MiniSquadron – Another airplane game
• CtC (Crush the Castle) - $1.99 (free version, too). Really fun game where you crush castles with a trebuchet

BTW, you may wonder how I got these screenshots from my iPhone.  Hold the sleep (power) button down and then press the round home button.  Cheers!

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