MCM Update - Studying

Wednesday, August 17, 2011
So, I've taken to reading the Exchange 2010 SP1 online documentation, line by line, to get ready for my MCM training next month.  It's rather slow going, but I expect to hit a rhythm and power on through it.

Once you have an account setup on the Microsoft Advanced Certification portal, you can post messages on the community page.  Not a lot of activity there, but I offered to start a studying group via Lync online meetings.  It's too bad there isn't a DL or anything for tentative students to communicate with each other.  I have no idea who else will be attending with me in three weeks.


  1. Wouldnt it make more sense to read a book written by professionals, instead of the technet docu page written for masses? We all know that its content is artificially inflated due to hundreds of pages with: "How can I create a new policy? Answer: to create a new policy, click on the Create new policy button" and lots of similar topics, with the same level of "high" quality explanations. These topics contain many characters (if the writer was paid after the amount of characters produced) but its a waste of our short life on this earth to read it, as the real value converges to 0.0

    On the other hand, in a well written book you will read only information that matters. You paid for it, so you expect quality. Technet content is for free, so you have an idea what value you will get. Capitalism, how it works, there is no free dinner :)

  2. Having read (and written) several books on Exchange throughout the years, I still find it useful to review the CHM file. I find it full of useful information and it's good to know how it's organized for quick reference.

    This is, after all, a Microsoft training program. You would expect that the online documentation would be correct.


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