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Thursday, October 6, 2011
Well, I got the results of the Exchange MCM qualification lab today, and I didn't pass this time.  As I mentioned to David Bjurman-Birr, the Exchange MCM Program Manager, I almost would have felt disappointed if I DID pass, given my self-evaluated performance on the lab.  The fact that I didn't just get a pass is a testimate to the difficulty and value of the program. 

This program was one of the most difficult things I've ever done, and you have to be 100% all the way to the end.  For some reason, my mind went blank soon after we received our first "two hours done, four and a half to go" notification and that was my undoing.

I've already confirmed that I will retake the lab next Thursday.  I'll be spending my evenings and weekend reviewing PowerPoint slides, notes, and labs to ensure a much better outcome on Thursday.

I'd like to congratulate Markus Hengstler (Switzerland) and Kashif Awan (Pakistan) on becoming two of the newest Exchange Microsoft Certified Masters!!  I hope to join your ranks next week!

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