Lync or Skype for Business Missed Conversation Emails are Delayed

Wednesday, June 24, 2015
Working with our Skype for Business team today, I discovered some useful information about Missed Conversation emails.

  • Missed Conversation emails can be delayed if you are signed into Lync or Skype for Business from different clients at the same time. For example, if you're signed in from your desktop and another computer or the Lync Mobile client. This is known, but not expected, behavior. It might be due to IM toast popping up in one client when you are working from another client. Lync activity from the remote machine then "nudges" the email out.
  • Lync/S4B uses EWS to place the Missed Conversation or Missed Call emails directly in the Missed Conversation folder in your mailbox. Since it does not traverse Exchange transport, these messages will not show in message tracking and they will not include any header information.

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