Trouble with ActiveSync with iOS4 for iPhone

Thursday, July 1, 2010
As reported all over the Internet, customers are having trouble with Exchange ActiveSync after upgrading their iPhones to iOS4.  Problems range from not syncing to over utilization of Exchange servers.

Apple has been nearly silent on this issue, choosing instead to do damage control over it's poorly designed antenna in the new iPhone 4.

The Microsoft Exchange Team has posted on its blog more information about these issues, which is much more than anything we've seen or heard from Apple.  With Microsoft's assistance, Apple released a fix that changes the timeout value that Exchange ActiveSync connection uses to four minutes, which should be long enough for the vast majority of users.

But take a look at that Apple article.  There's virtually no technical content or explanation that describes what the new profile does, other than saying it increases the timeout value.  To what?  From what?  What was it in previous iOS versions?

All this demonstrates how the iPhone is not an enterprise ready device, primarily because Apple does not provide enterprise-class support.  Apple could learn a lot from Microsoft.  Honesty and transparency is always the best way to provide support, not this.  I encourage you (and Apple) to read a timely article on the Official Microsoft Blog, "Microsoft’s Support Sets Us Apart".


  1. I agree with you about the way Apple is "handling" the situation. Also, I noticed that many sites mention the issue to be happening with Exchange 2007/2010 environments. We have Exchange 2003 and our environment and iphone users were also affected by the new iphone OS.

  2. I'd agree that the iPhone + EAS isn't Enterprise ready. This is why I conducted a Proof of Concept with 3rd party application such as GOOD Messaging and Sybase to handle the management and connectivity of iPhones in my environment. The result? I can have personally liable and corporate liable devices securely connect to corporate email without taking over the iPhones with corporate device policies.


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