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Monday, November 22, 2010
There are many reasons why you may need to use a port scanner to check if a TCP or UDP port is open.  Microsoft has a little known utility called PortQry that allows you to perform basic port scanning from the command line.

You can download PortQry from http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?familyid=89811747-c74b-4638-a2d5-ac828bdc6983&displaylang=en

Download the PortQryV2.exe package and run it to extract the PortQry.exe program, EULA and readme file.  I typically copy PortQry.exe to my %SystemRoot% folder so I can run it from any directory.

Here are some examples of how to use PortQry from the command line:
  • portqry -n servername -e 80  -  Queries remote computer servername to check if it's listening on TCP port 80 (HTTP).
  • portqry -n servername -p UDP -o 37,88,135  -  Queries the remote computer to check if it's listening on UDP ports 37, 88 and 135.
  • portqry -n  -r 1-1024  -  Queries the IP address to determine if it's listening on any of the well-known TCP ports.  The output will display each port and whether it's listening or not listening.
  • portqry -n -r 1:1024 | find ": LISTENING"  -  Same as above, but only lists open ports.
PortQry can also be run in silent mode using the -q switch.  The program exit with a returncode of 0 if listening, 1 if not listening, or 2 if listening or filtered.  This is useful for batch file processing.

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  1. PortQry is useful for power users, but it can be complex and cumbersome for non-techies. For a web based service that is simple to use, try http://www.firebind.com

    Firebind has a java based client that allows a user to test for TCP or UDP blocked ports. It can test any of the 65535 TCP or UDP ports to see if the client machine can use a given port (or range of ports) to reach the Internet.

    It's not a port scanner.... Think of it more as a path scanner.


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