How to Configure Default Settings for Lync 2010 Meetings

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Out of the box, all Lync meetings have the following default properties:
  • All meetings are public meetings
  • Users are allowed to create public meetings
  • The conference ID and the meeting link remain consistent each time the meeting is held
  • Anonymous (unauthenticated) users can attend meetings automatically
  • Users dialing in over a public switched telephone network (PSTN) phone line are automatically admitted to a meeting
  • All members of the company hosting the Lync meeting are designated as presenters when they join a meeting
  • Attendees are not announced as the enter or leave a meeting
While most of these settings can be configured individually using the Lync client (see above), you may find it better to configure these default settings on the Lync server.

With a public meeting (the default) the conference ID and the meeting link remain consistent each time the meeting is held.  That means if you schedule back-to-back meetings, folks in your second meeting might call in early and end up on the first meeting.  If you don’t enable entry announcements, then you're really in for some surprises!

With a private meeting, the conference ID and meeting link change from meeting to meeting.  To change your default meeting type to private, execute the following command in the Lync Management Shell (LMS):
Set-CsMeetingConfiguration -AssignedConferenceTypeByDefault $false
To configure anonymous (unauthenticated) users to be placed in the lobby, rather than automatically join a meeting, execute the following command.  These users remain on hold in the lobby until a presenter admits them to the meeting.
Set-CsMeetingConfiguration -AdmitAnonymousUsersByDefault $false
To place PSTN users in the lobby, rather than automatically join the meeting, run this command:
Set-CsMeetingConfiguration -PstnCallersBypassLobby $false
Presenter settings can be configured using the following command and appropriate switch:
Set-CsMeetingConfiguration -DesignateAsPresenter <None|Company|Everyone>
If you want to configure all meetings to automatically announce when attendees enter or exit meetings by default, execute the following command:
Set-CSDialinConferencingConfiguration -EntryExitAnnouncementsEnabledByDefault $true
Using these commands you should be able to configure the default settings for your company meetings just the way you want.


  1. Jeff have you ever run into the issue of a Lync Enterprise client NOT using external (public) Lync Services, that cannot connect to external invited meetings?
    (Server cannot be found error)?
    Is this part of the -Set-CsMeetingConfiguration set?


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