MVP Global Summit 2011

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Today, I'm leaving for the Microsoft MVP Global Summit 2011 at the Microsoft campus in Redmond, WA.

This is one of the benefits of being an MVP and is held every year about this time.  This will be my first time attending the Summit, and I'm really looking forward to it.  Last year I was on vacation in Hawaii during the Summit, so I don't think I made out too bad.  MVPs from around the world will be flying in to meet with fellow MVPs, Microsoft product teams, and Steve Balmer and other Microsoft executives.

Most (all?) of the sessions that occur during the three day Summit are NDA, so I won't be able to talk, write, or tweet much (any?) about the information shared with us at the Summit.  I do expect to hear a lot about Microsoft's cloud vision and direction.

Let me know if you're attending and maybe we can meet up for drinks.

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