Multiple Email Disclaimers Based on Sent From Address

Tuesday, March 8, 2011
Using Exchange 2010 Hub Transport rules, you can configure multiple email disclaimers based on the sender's email address.  This is useful if you manage an Exchange organization comprised of two or more companies, say and  Here's how you configure it, step-by-step:
  • From the Exchange Management Console, expand Microsoft Exchange > Microsoft Exchange On-Premises > Organization Configuration
  • Click Hub Transport and then the Transport Rules tab.
  • Click New Transport Rule in the Actions pane and configure the new rule as follows.

Provide a name and description for the new rule.

Enable the condition, "when the sender's properties contain specific words" and then click the blue properties contain specific words hyperlink to configure them.

Choose email from the Property dropdown box and enter the company's email domain (i.e., as the value.  Then click OK.

Click Next to configure the actions.

Select append disclaimer text and fallback to action if unable to apply.  Then click the blue disclaimer text hyperlink to edit the text.

Enter the disclaimer text for CompanyABC and click OK.  The rest of these procedures configure an optional exception.  The exception prevents the disclaimer from being appended on future replies so that the disclaimer is only added once.

Select except when the Subject field or message body contains specific words.  Then click the blue specific words hyperlink to edit the words.

Enter some unique words from a portion of the disclaimer, click Add and OK.

Click Next to complete the hub transport rule.
Click New to create the new disclaimer.
  • Repeat the steps above for

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