The TechEd 2012 Bags (yes, plural)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

This year Microsoft is giving you a selection of TechEd bags to chose from. 

These bags are made by LooptWorks, an eco-friendly company that makes mens wear, womens wear, and other gear out of scrap materials and overruns from other manufacturers.  It's a completely different way of recycling called "upcycling".  Perhaps they're even made of out of old undrinkable TechEd 2009 water bottles.  You can read more details about the materials used in these bags from the TechEd blog post, Upcycled Materials used in the Making of the TechEd 2012 Bag.

According to LooptWorks, each backpack conserves 33.6 Gallons of water and averted 71% of carbon emissions.  Bravo to the TechEd team for using such an innovative manufacturer!

Thanks to my good friend, Scott Ladewig for the link to the photo.


  1. Great to see this before we get there. Maybe this will be a new trend

  2. Sweet... Geeky, Geeky.. or Geeky. Wear one of these and you are certain to attract... er... nobody.


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