How to Enable Autologon for Windows Workgroup Servers and Computers

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Update: I've confirmed that the following procedures work for all versions of Windows and Windows Server. 

Click here for instructions for enabling AutoLogon for Windows Server member servers and member workstations.

There may be times that you want/need to enable Autologon for Windows computers and servers.  Examples may be lab machines or kiosks.  Here's how to do it:
  • Click Start Run and enter control userpasswords2
  • Clear the checkbox for Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer and click OK. If this checkbox is missing, see my article about enabling AutoLogon on member servers and workstations.
  • Enter the user name and password that will be used for Automatic Logon and click OK
When the computer starts up the account you specified will be logged in automatically. Note that the password is encrypted on the computer.

This tip works for all versions of Windows and Windows Server.

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  1. Very helpful.

  2. It's impossible if the server is a domain controler ...

  3. Not true. I use autologon with one of my DCs. Just use the other link (above) for member servers.

  4. You know I was searching for this info and found some one who is selling a program for $29.99 each system and $999 for 100 systems talk about a rip

    Thanks for the info

  5. Awesome! Thanks! Made my day!

  6. FYI: This also works for Win2k3; You just have to check and then uncheck the checkbox before you click on OK.

  7. Quick solution to a serious problem for a SCADA Master unit.

  8. My application was also for a SCADA system that needed to automatically restart the applicatoin.

    I find that the normal autologon configuration procedures will fail in Windows Server 2008 R2 until I added the following registry entry. Done through an administrative command prompt in this case:

    Reg add “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\winlogon” /t REG_DWORD /v ForceAutoLogon /d 1 /f

  9. Some of the paid-for programs store the authentication credentials securely so that there is less of a remote security threat.

  10. In early 2013, this Morton's aged steak blog post still returns as the top result. But "userpasswords2 wasn't resolving in a 2008R2 HPc server and since I'm unfamiliar with this method of autologon (because it isn't something I frequently do and always used TweakUI on older servers which just jammed it plain text into the Registry)

    Instead just sarcastically thanking Mr. Guillet for what is usually top notch advice but demanding my money back, did some research and learned certain versions of Windows 7 and Windows since are still "userpasswords2" capable but also might use


    It is usually in %systemroot%\system32 and has more SxS twins than hooker blisters so it is easily accessible from the Search, Run, DOSCMD/ PowerShell, any dialog box fires it off.

    In HPC, had to hit the Advanced tab, disarm my account with juse one password entry, but was prompted for a double confirmation and it was effective immediately.

    This thing is taking longer to build than I thought and since I'm building it in private and on a secure network, I'm happy to leave it blank and open for now until deployment.

    No idea if the ineffectual no usercontrol2 is just another HPC muance or what the hell....

  11. Is there a way to enable auto-logon for Windows Server 2008 Server Core?


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