Congratulations 2020-2021 Microsoft MVP!

Wednesday, July 1, 2020
I'm very pleased to announce that I have been awarded the Microsoft MVP Award again for 2020-2021 in the Office Apps & Services category! This is my 12th consecutive year to receive this award and it humbles me to work alongside such talented people.

The MVP Award is an important recognition to me and I'm honored to receive it. It includes several benefits, but the most important one to me are all the interactions with the great product groups at Microsoft. These relationships allow me to reach out to specific product team members to provide feedback and get clarification on product features and behaviors.

It's a mutually beneficial partnership -- under NDA, Microsoft is able to talk with MVPs about product futures, provide access to technology adoption programs (TAPs) to test new software, and solicit our MVP feedback. As MVPs, we are able to provide important and honest feedback to the product teams about how new features and behaviors will affect our customers, beta test new software and file bug reports, and be advocates for you, the customer.

As usual, I feel great!

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