Install AAD Connect if you installed version

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Microsoft released AAD Connect as a download-only version. Although it includes significant changes, including updating the software to use the new AAD V2 endpoint, it was not offered as an automatic update. Turns out that was a wise decision since it breaks the Azure AD Connect Health feature.

Release status

3/31/2021: Released for download only, not available for auto upgrade

Bug fixes

  • This release fixes a bug in version where, after upgrade to that release, the Azure AD Connect Health feature was not registered correctly and did not work. Customers who have deployed build are requested to update their Azure AD Connect server with this build, which will correctly register the Health feature.

If you installed build (either first-time install or as a manual update) please update ASAP to the newest build Get it here: Download Microsoft Azure Active Directory Connect from Official Microsoft Download Center

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